Dear colleagues and guests,

It is great honor and pleasure to invite you to participate in 2021 the 3rd International Conference on Wastewater Technologies and Environmental Treatment (ICWTET2021) during July 15-16, 2021 in Shanghai, China.

One of ICWTET aims is to bring together domain experts, researchers, scientists, professors, industry representatives, postdoctoral fellows, and students from around the world, providing them with the opportunity to report, share, and discuss scientific questions, achievements, and challenges in the field of water and environment.

ICWTET2021 topics that will be covered in this comprehensive conference include Wastewater Treatment Technologies, Treatment, Disposal, and Discharge of Wastewater, Effects of Wastewater on Environment, Industrial Wastewater Management, Ecological Risks, Solid Waste Management, Environment Monitoring Technologies, Air Pollution and Treatment, Environmental Protection, etc.

In ICWTET2021, you will be able to share experiences and research results, discuss challenges encountered and solutions adopted and have opportunities to establish productive new academic and industry research collaborations.

We hope this conference will be productive and satisfying. Looking forward to welcoming you on ICWTET2021.

Organizing Committee